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If you want to move pianos, you should always work with professional piano movers. Pianos are not like other furniture which can be moved by any regular moving company. They are delicate musical instruments that are often heavy and large. If they are not moved properly, they can be damaged and require repairs whether this be internal or external. This will devalue your investment significantly and is something we recommend to avoid.

Call us today to hire the piano movers Houston Texas residents know and love. We are equipped with specialized transportation methods for these delicate musical instruments. We have developed techniques to handle all types of pianos, including the most complex ones. We have equipment that will protect the piano from damage during transportation as well.

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Pianos are complex instrument that have been intricately put together to produce a specific sound depending what note is pressed. If the piano is mishandled during transportation, it can dislodge important components and affect the piano’s intonation, tone or volume. Our piano movers Houston Texas clients call for their piano needs, will handle your piano with care so it can produce beautiful melodies even after reaching its destination.

Hiring untrained and inexperienced people that do not specialize in piano relocation, can result in broken piano legs, exterior scratches or scratches to your walls. Many pianos are heavy and chunky and need multiple people to move it. Even after the piano gets to your home safely, it still needs to be fine-tuned and our experts can recommend after-care in terms of getting it tuned and ready to play.

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Our piano moving services entail:

Disassembling Moving pianos like a baby grand, grand, concert and upright pianos entail disassembling the piano first. This ensures the pianos will fit through narrow doorways and into the trucks themselves. Disassembly also reduces the risk of injury to piano movers and damage to property by making the musical instrument more manageable to transport, load and offload. Our professional piano movers Houston customers love, work expertly to remove detachable parts such as the lid, legs or music rack. We will even proceed to wrap each part with pads to protect them.

Piano transport – We do local piano transport, so even if you need an in-home piano service or relocation to another residence, our piano movers Houston customers love, will be there to assist. We do the job quickly and your piano will reach its destination fast and in pristine condition. Your piano will need to be fine-tuned and ready for use once we get it to its new home. We can recommend a specialist for this.

Piano reassembly – Just as we professionally disassemble your piano, we also reassemble it meticulously to perfection. We have been doing so for many years and you can rest assured of quality services every time. All you have to do is let us know where you would like the piano to be repositioned and we will start the reassembly process. Once we have reassembled the piano, you will continue enjoying music again in your new space. If you have been looking for the best piano moving company that will take care of your piano, just give us a call and we will do it with the utmost precision.